I am primarily self-taught in ceramics and currently create works mainly at the Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, MN.  I maintain a small studio and utilize the kilns there.  I am slowly working to build a home studio with the future plans of having my own soda kiln.  Working from home, I have the freedom to be more creative and concentrate on refining/honing my skills with much more intensity and intent.  By being close to home and nature (instead of in the city), my work is stronger by kindling inspiration and a happy heart.  It also helps me be on the lookout for new materials to use in my work.

  Four years ago, I took part in my very first clay classes at NCC.  Those few classes and many hands-on hours ignited a flame inside me.  Being autodidact has made me innovative with materials and ideas.  I am less influenced by my peers and more by environment.  My work exemplifies this nature inspiration.

  I strongly believe in hand sculpting each piece to fully reflect the realistic imperfections that my main subjects are based upon.  The placement of a sculpture on its corresponding vessel is also a well thought out task. With great effort and proficiency, my goal is to create innately organic, spontaneous pieces that portray balance and harmony.  These are qualities that cannot be achieved through shortcuts such as slip casting or by being molded.

Umami Pottery by Katharine Eksuzian


Umami is an over-all harmonious state of perfection.  It is where ingredients come together forming a pleasingly consistent whole.  It is not just a taste, it is a state of mind.  Deliciousness.

I long to have a sense of umami in my work of pottery.  Each piece is unique, complex, satisfying and a pleasure to use.

I am deeply inspired by nature, thus my work is a reflection of it.  By immersing myself in the great outdoors and by quieting my mind, I am able to appreciate all that is before me.  The highly detailed forest floor entices the eye to linger.  Happening upon shed antlers, wild mushrooms, special rocks and other nature wonders makes me feel like I am finding treasure.  Back in my city studio, I recall these moments of pure bliss and try to recreate the memory in clay.  Atmospheric firing further enhances the realistic, organic look that I am seeking.  The result is a work of clay that enables me to hold onto the wilderness while stuck in the city.